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With WordPress StackCache plugin you can control your CDN cache and you should have access from your WordPress admin menu. With every WordPress setup StackCache plugin automatically installed for you. If your WordPress installation is done with migration it is possible that you do not have our StackCache plugin is not installed. As for Linux platform you need to install this manually.

StackCache installation for WordPress Platform

  1. Proceed to your WordPress hosting control panel (HCP) dashboard and click on Plugins under WordPress Tools section.

    WordPress Tools - Plugins

  2. On plugins page if the StackCache is not installed, you will see a recommendation notice with "Install StackCache Plugin" button. Click on the button to install the StackCache plugin.
    Notice: In the event of you don't see recommendation notice with install button please see Linux installation guide for this plugin.

    WordPress Plugins

StackCache installation for Linux Platform

  1. Download StackCache plugin available on your billing dashboard Downloads section under Support menu.


  2. Locate the plugin and click to download.

  3. Proceed to your Linux hosting control panel (HCP) dashboard and click on File Manager under Web Files section.

    Linux - File Manager

  4. Once you are at File Manager page navigate to wp-content folder on your WordPress installation. This path depends on where your WordPress installed. If it is on subdomain please make sure you are on correct WordPress installation.

    File Manager - wp-content path

  5. Now click on Uploads button at the bottom of the page. Once clicked Uploads box will pop-up. Click on Select files to upload to begin. The file named that you downloaded earlier now can be uploaded.

    File Upload

  6. Once the upload complete simply extract the zip file in place. The process to unzip the file;
    Notice: If you already mu-plugins folder on this directory extract the zip file on your computer and upload the plugin file directly into mu-plugins folder.
    1. Right click on, pop-menu will appear.
    2. Click on Extract Here.
    3. once the file extracted please delete the file.

Extract zip

mu-plugins folder



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